God and Hell

Is God in Hell?

The modern explanation likes to say that Hell is the absence of God. But can such a place exist?

The very existence of reality is grounded in God. Being or existence itself is in and of God. God is existence. All is within God. In otherwords, our existence is not independent of God, but God is independent of our existence. If God stopped “thinking” of the world, it would no longer exist.

Maybe the question is asked in the wrong order. Is Hell within God?

Why would God allow a place within Himself to exist where no one would feel or know of His presence?

How does one who exists within God “feel” the absence of God? (Whether “feel” means to sense or to know or to experience.) Maybe the one has made the choice to “feel” the absence of God’s presence?

I have heard that there is no gate to Heaven, and the gate to Hell is locked from the inside.

What the self decides in time is ratified in eternity. (Peter Kreeft)

I choose you Father. I want to be with you. I never want to feel your absence. Not because I fear the punishment. I do. But rather, because I love you. Help me to love you more. Help me to love others more. Polish the mirror that I am so that I may reflect your love more perfectly.

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