To Enter the Desert as an iHermit

The old CowPi Journal is just shy of 800 entries, and I don’t have that much more to say in this format at this time and place. My energy has been elsewhere. The Quote of the Day will continue through the beginning of December and then it will be done at 1007 quotes (with only one repeat). The blogging system is getting overloaded, and I’m tired of adding to it. I do not know if I will return to this journal in the future. Both weblogs will remain online.

Silence and solitude is what I seek, to enter the desert to be with God, to learn deeply how to live awake in the Presence of God in the present moment. I cannot physically go to the desert. My vocation is to be a husband, father, friend, teacher, and I gladly continue to follow that call. No regrets, no burdens, no disappointments, for that is the path God called me to follow, whether I knew it or not at the time. It is a path that has made all the difference.

Besides cultivating silence inside and out, like turning off the car radio and limiting the amount of television, I have found that I often surf the internet out of boredom, or more honestly, for avoiding something somewhere else in my life. Worse, the internet has become full of noise, distractions from the one important thing. So I have chosen to isolate myself on the internet. I am going to become an iHermit, an internet hermit.

I have given up visiting, reading and commenting on weblogs, blogs, online journals, forums, list servers, etc. I still need to use the internet for resources and references for my job, yellow pages, maps, etc., and emails with job, family and friends. But not for anything else, except to write a new journal. I am going to seriously miss the few weblogs that I consistently read, but this call is too strong. It needs to be all or nothing for me at this point in time.

I am still called to write, but from a much deeper level. So I have created a space for solitude on the internet, a new journal called You. This is my place for prayerful reflection and writing. You are welcome to read along if it feeds you.

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

And so, I prayerfully turn inward in order that I may turn outward as a more perfect reflection of You.

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