God Hides

There is a story of how, at the beginning of time, God decided to hide in the created universe, and God summoned three angels to advise on a suitable hiding-place.

The first angel suggested that God might hide in the depths of the earth. “A good idea,” said God. “I will indeed hide myself in the earth, but it won’t be long before they learn to mine the earth, and they will surely find me too easily. Where else can I hide?”

The second angel suggested the moon as a hiding-place. “An excellent idea,” said God. “I will indeed hide myself in the expanse of space and the sun and moon and stars, but it won’t be long before they discover how to explore space, and they will find me too soon. Where else can I hide?”

So the third angel hit on a very original idea: “Why don’t you hide yourself in their own hearts? They’ll never think to look for you there!”

And so God did all three of those things. God hid in the earth and all that it contains. God hid in the vastness of interstellar space. And God hid in the innermost heart of every creature.

And why did God hide at all? Because it is in our search for God who says “I am who I am”, that we do our growing and becoming, and discovering who we truly and eternally are.

— Margaret Silf, Companions of Christ

Remember to seek God’s presence in the lived events of your day…

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