Welcome Home

Welcome home, welcome home;
so far away, so long and so alone.
The journey’s not been easy, the road, it seemed so long.
It matters not now, child. Oh, welcome home.

Hollow dreams, like the desert sand,
can shine so bright but slip right through your hands.
The treasure you were seeking turned out empty in the end,
but your heart knows what it’s after, so come on in.

Though you think this journey’s over,
feel you lost out in the end.
Funny thing is, now it’s over,
it finally can begin.

Far and wide, your soul will seek
to find a love that quenches your heart’s need.
But none on earth can give you what so desparately you need.
There’s only one true love that sets you free.

So the shattered heart you’re holding
may seem fragile, may seem small,
but sometimes only when it’s broken
will we let God have it all.

Matters not what you followed far.
It’s love that brought you back here where you are.
See nothing said or done will keep this father from a child.
Your heart could see the treasure all the while,
a heart that led you back here down this road that you know.
So fall into these arms child, and welcome home.

— Steve Angrisano

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