Catholic Carnival #83

As we mingle through this week’s carnival, our focus will move from the outward to the inward.

When statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos. (St. Thomas More)

Eric at Ales Rarus writes about some startling bad statements regarding the scientific study of fertility on both sides of the political spectrum in Mangling, Mishandling, and Misrepresentation of Science in the Plan B Debate.

The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts—a child—as a competitor, an intrusion, and an inconvenience. (Mother Teresa)

In 1994 notes Jarrett at Roft Raft, Mother Teresa submitted a powerful brief to the U.S. Supreme Court that contained warnings about the consequences of abortion which are now beginning to become more apparent in Supreme Takedown of Roe v. Wade in a Brief by Mother Teresa.

Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women. (Alice Paul)

Jay at Deo Omnis Gloria observed Amnesty International is considering changing their stance from abortion-neutral to pro-abortion in Amnesty International Going Pro-Abortion? Now is our chance to speak out before this takes place.

All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian. (Pat Paulsen)

Herb at HerbEly comments in Latino Immigration: Removing Stereotypes and Journalistic
on journalistic bias covering the immigration debate. A Washington Post OpEd piece relates how Latinos are assimilating in terms of English language, family and work ethic, but ignores the religious dimensions of the story.

It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it. (G.K. Chesterton)

Lee at View from the choir muses a little speculation about Pat Robertson’s claim that he leg pressed a ton in Robertson Chuckles.

A saint isn’t somebody who tries harder, but someone who trusts more. (Peter Kreeft)

Barbara at SFO Mom reflects on the life, work and influence of Saint Anthony of Padua in Saint Anthony, Pray for Us.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. (Verbal Kint, The Usual Suspects)

Summarizing a lecture, Christine at Ramblings of a GOP Soccer Mom points out some subtle ways of the devil in Know Thy Enemy.

As the soil, however rich it may be, cannot be productive without cultivation, so the mind without culture can never produce good fruit. (Seneca)

Ian at Musings From a Catholic Bookstore has a proposal for catechizing in the pews in Rebuilding Catholic Culture.

Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion. (Proverbs 11:22)

Of all places, Elena at My Domestic Church finds confirmation of the challenge and difficulty of older women mentoring to younger women in Sex in the City and the Titus 2 Woman.

God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called. (Author unknown)

Eddy at To Jesus Through Mary writes about a another small step in Closer to Seminary. Please include Eddy in your prayers.

The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people. (Leo Tolstoy)

On the occasion of my daughter’s confirmation on Pentecost, Christina at Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae reflects in Tongues of Fire on vocations, specifically the vocation to which most of the confirmed will be called, marriage.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. (Joseph Campbell)

Sunday was the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. Kevin at HMS Blog writes a reflection on why we speak of the Trinity as a “mystery,” and on how we should respond to this mystery in The Mystery of the Trinity.

All mortals tend to turn into the thing they are pretending to be. (C.S. Lewis)

Penitens at A Penitent Blogger reflects on Questions posed to us by the Beatitudes. (Or should that be hyphenated as Be-Attitudes?)

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