Royal Blood

From Wednesday’s Baccalaureate Mass, Fr. Scott said the following near the end of his homily (emphasis added). It applies to all people, not only to the “youth of today”.

They say that the biggest problem with the youth of today is their lack of identity. They don’t know who they are because they have not had that knowledge passed onto them.

So who are you? You are the beloved of God. You are Royalty. It is in your DNA. Way down at your deepest core is God. This is your true identity. I have probably told the seniors this a 100 times over the last three years. It is not something easy to believe, in fact, a lot in our culture is saying just the opposite of this.

For example, The Da Vinci Code. Now I am sure that none of you have read the book and that no one here is planning on seeing the movie. So most of you probably have no idea what I am talking about. Well, my confession is that I did not read the book. I probably won’t see the movie, but I did listen to it on audio tape.

[It is] a fun book to listen to. So what is all the controversy about? Many would say the most dangerous part of the book is when it says that Jesus was married. I don’t think so. This is not something new. We would say that Jesus was not married but we have heard that theory before.

I think the most dangerous part of the book is when it talks about Jesus having kids and that his gene line are still alive today and that they are the only ones with Royal Blood inside of them. That is the part that is completely wrong. Everything that Jesus stood for in his life, everything he preached was about how much God loves us and how we are his children. We have the royal blood inside of us, all of us do.

That is at the core of our faith and therefore once we tap into that identity, once we start experiencing that love, our world views, dreams, hopes and desires all change. Once we take a drink from our true fountain of life, which is the Holy Spirit, nothing will ever be the same.

May God bless all the graduates this year (and from every year). Don’t forget where you came from, and where you are ultimately going.

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