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Bearing the Cost

The second and last letter in the alphabet of Love: Just then she looked up at the cliffs above her head and started with surprise and delight. In a tiny crevice of the rock, where a few drops from the trickling waterfall could occasionally sprinkle on it, was a single plant. It had just two […]

Cold enough to…

Here is an interesting story about the origin of a semi-well known phrase: Every sailing ship had to have cannon for protection. Cannon of the times required round iron cannonballs. The gunner wanted to store the cannonballs such that they could be of instant use when needed, yet not roll around the gun deck.

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Prayer of a Bruised Heart

Here. Here’s my heart I know at times I can hold it back, cautiously ensuring it will be handled with great compassion, carefully making certain my dreams will not be ridiculed or the words of my soul trampled on. But I’m so heavy right now and maybe if I release my heart to you some […]

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Before and After

When you think of the first Christmas, do you think of Good Friday? When you see the Cross, do you think of the first Christmas? The life of Jesus is the bridge between the first Christmas and Good Friday, a bridge that leads to Easter Sunday, to redemption, reconciliation, liberation, to love, peace, and energy—a […]


Overheard in my high school’s lunch line yesterday: He said: I don’t know why you wear a bra…not like you have anything. She said: Well, you wear pants don’t you? Poor lad, didn’t stand a chance after that.

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Parking Lot Strategies

Ahhh! The perennial question every holiday Christmas season—to “park and walk” or “cruise the lot” for the best parking space? Leave it to researchers to analyze the efficiency of these two strategies to find a parking space in terms of time saved. According to this article “Parking Space Roulette” at Science News Online: …in their […]

The Battle is Won

While everyone’s lost, the battle is won With all these things that I have done — The Killers

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All is Gift

All is gift. Your next breath is gift. Reading this sentence is gift. Your next thought is gift. What you feel in your heart at this very moment,     whether it is happiness or sadness or something else,     is gift. You are a gift. When, where, how, and to whom do you […]

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The Christmas Box

I received this story from a good friend who had a choice to make. She said I had a choice to make also. I have chosen. Now it is your turn to choose. The story goes that some time ago, a man punished his 5-year old daughter for wasting a roll of expensive wrapping paper. […]

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Answering the Phone

My oldest is home from her first semester of college. (yeah!) Her and the three-year old were goofing around while they were watching James and the Giant Peach. The telephone rang and she noticed it was an 888 number. Most likely a telemarker. So she encouraged the three-year old to answer the phone. “Hello?… watching […]

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Boys, Rocks and Water

With it being such an exceptionally warm day for late December, and the grass fires a safe ten or so miles away, the three younger kids and I went to play in the park at a nearby lake. Afterwards, we drove around to our favorite point and went on a short hike next to the […]

Good from Bad

There is a little old Christian lady living next door to an atheist. Every morning the lady goes out onto her front porch and shouts, “Praise the Lord!” The atheist yells back, “There is no God.” She does this every morning with the same result. As time goes on, the lady runs into financial difficulties […]

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We are bums who have been given…

This seems an appropriate thought for the last day of the year. If you were to die tonight and stand before God, and He were to ask you, “Why should I take you to Heaven?” What would you say? We can argue forever your answer or my answer, but here is God’s answer. It is […]

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