Catholic Carnival #11

Happy New Year to all! Welcome to this week’s Catholic Carnival, a baker’s dozen of submitted writings from Catholic weblogs. In no particular order:

The Night Litany by Lane at The Blog from the Core: Intercessory prayers for all kinds of people, considered in different ways, especially for use at night.

Lord, have mercy on all who need your mercy.
Give your grace to all in need
and bring us to everlasting life.

Catholic Converts by Elena at My Domestic Church: A defense of Catholic converts and what they add to the church.

…it takes the enthusiasm of a newcomer to show us some of the treasures we have forgotten about, ignored, taken for granted, or simply not dusted off in a while.

My True Self for 2005 by Jackie at Philothea Rose at Home: Going a bit deeper with New Year’s resolutions.

…the statement “I feel so fake”, is one of the biggest lies Satan attacks us with on our spiritual journey. When something doesn’t come naturally, we tend to assume that it means we aren’t supposed to do it. Nothing could be more wrong.

Teacher Appreciation Night by Herbert at HerbEly: Four teachers get an unexpected and welcome “thank you” at Christmas.

Puts me in the mood to send a few extra Christmas cards to people who have helped me through the year.

Epiphany by Lee at Notes: A “revealing” Java applet.

…rub once, rub twice.

Truth reigns: ‘Brother of Jesus’ Box a Forgery by Jay at Deo Omnis Gloria: A brief examination of the historical evidence behind these fallacies.

The find of a ancient burial box with the inscription “James, brother of Jesus” was announced as “proof” that the Catholic Church was wrong in naming Jesus as an only child.

From Parochial and Plain Sermons by Donna at Quenta Nârwenion: A quote from a sermon by Venerable John Henry Newman, to start out the year…

The former year is gone, it is dead, there it lies in the grave of past time, not to decay however, and be forgotten, but kept in the view of God’s omniscience, with all its sins and errors irrevocably written, till, at length, it will be raised again to testify about us at the last day; and who among us can bear the thought of his own doings, in the course of it?

Bless Me, Bishop, For I Back Sinning by Earl at Times Against Humanity: Albany County, NY, District Attorney David Soares defeated the pro-life incumbent, DA Paul Clyne, in the Democrat Party primary with the endorsement of radical feminists and pro-abortion advocates. To his credit, Clyne did not attend the honors for his anti-life successor. So, guess who participated in Soares’ swearing-in “by giving him a blessing?”

“You are a man who offers to us a new vision and fresh alternatives…” — not!

Spanish Ministers Pass Same-Sex Marriage Bill by Robert at Santificarnos: As threatened…Spain’s Socialist government last Thursday passed a bill that will legalize same-sex unions. The bill is expected to be rubber-stamped in Congress later this winter, and enter into law by Spring. The government is also hinting that it could be less favorable with respect to those who speak out against the bill. Can anybody say “Hate Crime?”

After a thought-filled second, my son looked at me, and said, “That’s strange. Everybody knows that a family is with a father and a mother, not two fathers.” Out of the mouths of babes: While that is pure child logic, as we grow older we lose some of that ability to see things with a crystal clear vision, tainted instead with a modernist interpretation of tolerance, such that speaking with a child-like logic could actually lead one to be accused of fomenting hate.

The Test by Penitens at A Penitent Blogger: A reflection on orthodoxy and discernment in the first Epistle of Saint John.

For some, orthodoxy is a club they enjoy wielding against others and the words “anathema sit” make their hearts go pitter-patter. For others, orthodoxy is poison or a sacred cow they lust to skewer. For those who are simply interested in discernment, however, what value does orthodoxy provide?

Dress for the Occasion by Ales at Ales Rarus: Blue jeans and altar serving should not mix.

Serving is a privilege, not a right. Poorly dressed, poorly trained, and sometimes poorly behaved children should not be permitted to serve at mass. They set a bad example for the rest of the congregation and are poisonous to the catechizing aspects of the liturgy. I am reminded of Archbishop Fulton Sheen who said, “If you don’t behave as you believe, you will end by believing as you behave.”

Deafness, Patience & Prayer by Mark at CowPi Journal: Wondering if I am deaf to God’s symphony around us, about patience, and the connection with prayer?

Prayer always works to transform us into what God wants us to be; not what we want to be.

The Power to Change Lives by Jay at Living Catholicism: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is starting to get it right. Just upgrading a house doesn’t help those who suffer, but when you upgrade the house to improve their lives and satisfy their suffering, you really help. Parents take note, this show offers many “teachable” moments for kids.

These are families with real difficulties that must be coped with over a lifetime. It’s difficult to watch the show without realizing how easy your life is and how much some suffer on a daily basis. In particular for Catholic families we can explain the value of suffering through shows like these as well as the value of doing good works. The show comes in and effectively transforms lives in a very emotional, positive way.

Next week’s carnival will be at Times Against Humanity.

May God’s love, peace, and energy touch you in faith…

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