Have a Good Day

Everyday along my morning bus route (one of the many extra duties involved while teaching in a small private school), I see the same lady walking. She is always bundled up to protect herself from the Oklahoma wind and carries a long stick to protect herself, presumably from dogs. And everyday as I pass her, I mentally wish her a good day.
Upon reflection, I find myself wishing many people a good day. If I don’t verbally say it, many times I offer it up as a prayer. Sometimes I try to show my optimism by wishing them a “great” day. My optimism gets so sappy at times that I often sign my emails with “have a splendiferous day”. I do not mention this to bring attention to myself, but rather to a very strange thought that occurred to me this morning. You know the ones, the type of thoughts that seem to be attributed to Mr. Screwtape or one of his associates. Am I being a Pollyanna? Am I being overly optimistic? What does it exactly mean to wish someone a good day?
I believe that we grow through our trials and tribulations. We become stronger, better persons when we work through obstacles in our lives. A sailor does not become skillful on calm seas. Is wishing someone a good day the same as wishing them smooth sailing, or a road that is straight and level and not full of pot holes? In effect, am I wishing to deny them a chance to grow today, a chance to overcome a challenge and feel triumphant and successful?
Instead of a “good day” wish, maybe I should be praying for them to have the courage, strength, and endurance to face their challenges? With the right attitude, every problem can be an opportunity for success, an opportunity to prove one’s self, a chance to trust in God. Maybe I should be reminding people that God is with them in the course of their day, that He is present not only in their laughter and joys, but also in their frustration and tears?
Reading back over the previous paragraphs, I see that I have over-analyzed all of this. I apologize for being sappy and sentimental. In the end, it occurs to me that I am just trying to show my love and affection for others in a small and insignificant way. “Have a good day” are loaded words like so many other words we use in our daily lives.
And so, I wish you a good day.

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