Notes from a Retreat

Before school started, the faculty and staff of my high school had a retreat. Fr. Boyer lead a wonderful, insightful, and motivating discussion on the virtues needed to be a disciple of Christ. Jesus teaches these virtues to his apostles and disciples in Luke’s Travel Narrative: The Journey to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51-19:27). What follows are some of my notes.

To start, within Luke 9:51-62, two very important virtues are illustrated: poverty, which in turn implies joy, and mercy, which in turn implies hospitality. Fr. Boyer highlighted that poverty does not necessarily have to do with how much money one has. It means more like what is mine is yours, a deep seated sense of sharing. (If it is too expensive to share with someone, then it is too expensive.)

In the rest of the travel narrative, the following virtues are illustrated:

  • Persistent

  • Rich — rich in gifts and opportunity

  • Fearless — fear of abandonment triggers all other fears!

  • Zealous � live with purpose (not in the sense of the negative connotation of a zealot)

  • Saved

  • Prudent — not in the traditional sense of the word which means caution, but rather being prudent seeks the best way to do the right thing.

  • Vigilant

  • Wise

  • Aware — vigilant and aware are about hope

  • Dutiful

  • Grateful

As a result, a disciple is justified and repentant (Repentant = always turning back toward God).

Discipleship is not about doing, but about being. It is about what you are, not what you do. (But of course, because of what you are, you will in turn, do.)

We all are guest of the Divine Host. Look for the face of God in others.

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