New Car Technology

I was following this person driving a brand-new BMW this morning and began to think about how far technology has progressed. The automobile has come a long way since Ford’s Model T. Cars have an amazing amount of the electronic and electric-powered devices built into them these days to enhance our driving experience.
These devices range from power windows, power locks, power-adjusted exterior mirrors, power-adjusted seats, power sliding doors (on vans), dual-climate control features (one for the driver and another for the passenger), automatic headlights, satellite radio, CD player, GPS navigation, and TV monitor with video/DVD player. Some of the safety features are fairly advanced too, like power brakes, power steering, anti-lock braking system, and air bags. (Does automatic transmission fit in this group?) Not to mention all of the computer technology installed on engines to maximize horsepower and fuel efficiency. (Fuel efficiency—where are the 60 to 80 mpg cars we were promised back in the 70’s and 80’s after the first energy crisis?)
As I followed this brand-new BMW decked out with all of the latest and greatest technologies, the driver made a right turn. And to my astonishment, his turn signal was broken. Go figure…

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