Could You Embrace That?

 ◊  Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us

Today is the feast day for Saint Thomas Aquinas. I was pleasantly surprised to find the prolific theologian and philosopher, Doctor of the Church, and faithful Dominican priest also wrote poetry. I am not qualified to critique his style (or the translation), but his poetry mixes well a deep sense of faith with a lighthearted sense of humor.

I said to God, “Let me love you.”

And He replied, “Which part?”
“All of you, all of you,” I said.

“Dear,” God spoke,
“you are as a mouse
wanting to impregnate a tiger
who is not even in heat.
It is a feat
way beyond your courage and strength.
You would run from me
if I removed my mask.”

I said to God again,
“Beloved, I need to love you—
every aspect, every pore.”

“There is a hideous blemish on my body,
though it is such an infinitesimal part of my Being—
could you kiss that if it were revealed?”

“I will try, Lord, I will try.”

And the God said,
“That blemish is
all the hatred and cruelty
in this world.”

— Saint Thomas Aquinas (from Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West, translated by Daniel Ladinsky)

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