Serenity is What I Crave Most

A poem from one of my students

Serenity is what I crave most.
Yet, the highway is littered with rejection,
    close-mindedness, and powerlessness.

I surrender myself to my higher power.
The adversities that plagued me once before
    now evaporate like the wind from a sail.
The feeling of complete peace overwhelms
    my soul with hope, appreciation, and love.

There is nothing left but me in this dim light,
    my heart poured out on this empty highway
    called life.
The shell I walk with is no longer heavy,
    or a burden, but a blessing,
    and a vehicle to spread His message.

It felt as if I was standing
    on the edge of a cliff for years
    and all I wanted to do was move.
Just as I almost plummeted,
    a gentle yet firm hand stopped me,
    and said to me,
    “You are not alone.”

— Lindsey Allen

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