Let Go

God forgave you long ago.
You need to learn to forgive yourself.
God does not hold you back.
You hold yourself back.
When are you going to let go?

If you have repented,
if you have turned back toward God,
if you have asked God to forgive,
then why do you still hold on to the past?

Learn from the past.
Hope for the future.
Live in the present.

Sure, you have sinned.
You will sin again.
We all do unfortunately.
God knows this.
Change your habits.
Do not turn away.
Ask God for the grace to change.
He will.
You will.

Believe, adore, hope, and love.

Yes, the old sins still hurt, sometimes.
That is because there are consequences.
Consequences for everything we do.
There is no getting around God’s justice.
Thank God for His mercy,
and His love.

Forgiveness is not about removing pain.
Although it often does.
Forgiveness is about removing guilt.
It reconciles us.
It makes things right.

Sin scars us.
The scars can be painful.
But forgiveness stops the scars from going deeper.
Only God’s mercy removes the pain.
His love heals and makes things anew.

God forgives you, if you ask.
Forgive yourself.
God does not hold you back.
You hold yourself back.
Let go.

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