Some Changes at CowPi

You may have noticed the new “Quote” box at the top of the home page. My quote category was getting big with over 140 quotes so far, representing just over 30% of my total journal entries. I could see it becoming unwieldly in the future. Plus, I have noticed that I have slowly posted more and more quotes each month. Posting quotes can be a poor substitute for actual, creative writing on my part. Sure, the quotes can make you think, but they do not replace the mental effort of writing an original journal entry. (The random quotes at the top of the orange sidebar have been removed since they seemed to be redunant with the quote box.)
I have gotten creative and added a weblog within a weblog. CowPi Quotes is a mini-weblog of its own with archives, categories, and syndicated feeds. Only the most recent quote will be posted in full at the top of the Journal page. Also, a Recent Quotes list appears at the top of the orange sidebar. You can access the quote archives by following the link in the bottom of the box, or from the new navigational menu under the page header. As a bonus, I have started to categorize the quotes. (Only half are done as of this posting.)
Since I have moved nearly all the quotes within the Journal to the Quotes weblog, I will be deactivating them within the Journal. Any quotes within the Journal that had comments attached to them will remain. (I value my readers’ comments.) I will also retain any quotes that I myself have expounded upon.
ALSO, you may have noticed something in the lower part of the orange sidebar called “Pi-Links”. This is a collection of links to other places on the Internet that I feel that are worth noting for your experience. I am hoping to focus on other people’s weblog postings that have moved me. I plan on being picky. If you hold your browser’s cursor over the link before clicking, a little tool tip box should pop with my two-bit comment of why this link might be worth your time. (If anybody cares, the Pi-Links are also another mini-weblog within a weblog consisting only of monthly archives.)
I think I will miss seeing the quotes move down the home page as other posts are added, but having all those quotes organized in one place will become handy in the future.

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