Live life like…

Live life like a prayer to God.

I heard this the other day. It got me thinking.

Do you tend to separate your spiritual/faith life from your everyday work or school life? If yes, why? Are you not a whole person? Why divide yourself? (Ever hear of the strategy, “divide and conquer”? I bet the devil has.)

You do not have to live in a monastery to live your life like a prayer. Does a prayerful life mean mental or verbal prayer 24 hours a day? No, it means actively carrying God with you throughout your day. As you lie in bed after the alarm clock goes off in the morning, God is there. As you tell stories and jokes at lunch with your friends, God is there. As you watch a beautiful sunset, or listen to a bird sing, God is there. If you open the door for another, or embrace your lover, God is there. God is even there when you flip the other driver off for cutting you off, when you scream at your kids, when you pass along a piece of juicy gossip, when your heart is broken, when you get robbed at the ATM machine, or when your hair falls out from the chemo-therapy. God is always there, everywhere, every when.

Above I said, “actively carrying God with you”. That is not technically correct. God is always with you. He loves you so much that He is going to let you be completely free in what you do, choose, and believe. You are just too busy in your pursuit of worldly matters to recognize or remember Him. He is the quiet, silent best Friend. And in a way, He is the one carrying you. It is your arrogance and pride that makes you think otherwise.

To live a prayerful life is to remember that God is in and of everything you do. Do not be blind. Open your eyes. Be aware.

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