January 2003 Archives (6)

The Journey Begins

Well, here I am, finally joining the blog habit too. I really don’t care for the term blog. I know it’s short for weblog, but the sound of it is too harsh for my ears. Blog sounds like blob, which brings up the connotation of a formless, goopy mess. I image many of my future […]

I blog. Therefore, I am.

As a homage to René Descartes, a French philosopher and mathematican, the following question is posed: To exist on the Internet, must one keep a weblog or online journal? Update: Now one must also Twitter, Facebook (or MySpace), and have Gmail (or other) account. (15 July 2009)


I never really understood the whole idea of being “saved”. What did I need being saved from? I felt safe. Where was the danger? Satan? Father Ken brought up an interesting idea that helps explain the idea of being “saved” to some extent. Every human being is plagued by three questions, no matter what their […]

The Question

Someone asked a question about Limbo and Purgatory. Father’s response was surprising, a bit reassuring, and also down right scary. When you die, be an infant or an old person, God will ask you one question—did you love me to the best of your ability? He knows who you are. He knows how you are. […]

Bad T.V. Reception

Pauline came back from a retreat and described this wonderful metaphor: “You know when you’re watching a T.V. set that has really bad reception? The screen is really blurry and fuzzy. You can’t see the picture really well. That’s how my relationship was with God. I could hardly see the picture. I knew He was […]

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