Some Stories

This is a collection of short stories. Some stories are true. Some are fiction. I would like to share them with you. Enjoy.

Parable about the Bird, the Cow, and the Cat (July, 2007)
A little morality tale about a bird. (Author unknown)
The Headlights (March, 2006)
An allegory about trusting God.
The Passenger (August, 2005)
A story about a mystical moment where a person decides who is going to navigate, if not drive.
One Second (June, 2003)
Time compression—that feeling when one second seems to last forever and a whole, lengthy sequence of events is squeezed into a few moments.
A Faith Journey (February, 2003)
My search for faith in a secular, modern world.
Blessed are the Peace Makers (October, 2002)
A story about road rage, missed opportunity, forgiveness, and loving your enemy.