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A saint isn’t…

A saint isn’t somebody who tries harder, but someone who trusts more.

— Peter Kreeft

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Criticism is love turned sour…

In the spiritual domain, criticism is love turned sour… If criticism becomes a habit, it will destroy the moral energy of the life and paralyze the spiritual force… Whenever you are in a critical temper, it is impossible to enter into communion with God. Criticism makes you hard and vindictive and cruel, and leaves you with the flattering unction that you are a superior person. It is impossible to develop the characteristics of a saint and maintain a critical attitude.

— Oswald Chambers [via]

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Saints were many things, but…

Saints were many things, but two things none ever were: joyless and greedy. Many were sorrowful but none were joyless. And not all were poor in money, but all were poor in spirit. There are no yuppie saints.

— Peter Kreeft, The God Who Loves You

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Someone who lets God in…

A saint is simply someone who lets God in. And when God is in, He acts.

— Peter Kreeft, The God Who Loves You

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That your enemies…

That your enemies have been created is God’s doing; that they hate you and wish to ruin you is their own doing. What should you say about them in your mind? “Lord be merciful to them, forgive them their sins, put the fear of God in them, change them!” You are loving in them not what they are, but what you would have them to become.

— St. Augustine [via]

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Tyrants vs. Saints

How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerors have been; how gloriously different are the saints.

— C.S. Lewis

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