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The “Rejoice” Stone

At the first teacher meeting of the new school year, my principal had agendas laid out at every seat. Located on top of each small stack of papers, was a little, polished metalic slug with a word etched into it. I sat down at a seat with the word “rejoice”. That is going to be […]

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Avoid This Intersection?

Somedays it feels like I’ve been involved in an accident at this intersection: Photo by Stephen Urich

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The Dangers of Leadership

Gordon at Real Live Preacher is worried about being a false prophet. My daughter showed me this picture, and I thought about him and the dangers of leadership. Click on picture to see the whole story…

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The New Neighbors

A pair of little, brown swifts (maybe swallows) have built a little mud nest near our front door. Yesterday, the four five little chicks could be seen peaking over the edge. Make a noise and they open their beaks. They got all excited for a brief moment when the camera flash went off. Mom and […]

What are the Odds?

What is the probablity that everyone will have their eyes closed at the same time in a picture? 🙂 This is my calculus class. We’ve been together for three years (through Honors Algebra 2, Math Analysis, and Calculus). I will miss them.

Why do they do that?

Invariably, as soon as you get up from the computer chair and turn your back, the cat jumps right in and settles down. To get her out is a challenge. She won’t budge. You have to push her out. And the thing is, sitting on her doesn’t seem to deter the behavior either.  

Car Accident

It is interesting to experience the phenomenon of time compression around a traumatic event like a car accident. The adrenalin rush seems to help you remember every tiny little thing that happens within one second. It feels like the experiences of a lifetime are compressed into just a few seconds. I hope I managed to […]

What Kind of Photo?

I remember reading one of those “Question for the Day” calendars a few years ago. One group of questions really hit me in a profound way. It changed the way I took photos. What type of photos do you like to take most often? Are they photos of landscapes, inanimate objects, or of people? [Be […]

Must See Flowers

With Spring in the air and Easter just around the corner, I found some fantastic images of flowers. Katinka Matson has managed to produce some of the most striking digital images of flowers. The colors and the composition just leap out at you. And here is the catch, she does not use a camera! She […]

Cats and Shower Water

I apologize before hand for the cat picture and story. It seems like a lot of weblogs have at least one entry about their pets. Here’s mine.

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