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A Part of Something

From Br. Joseph — The modern mind always tends to reduce the greater to the lesser rather than seeing the lesser as reflecting the greater. (Peter Kreeft) There is a grove of aspen trees that cover nearly 200 acres in south-central Utah. This grove, named “Pando”, was once considered the largest living organism in the world. […]

Meaning of Mercy

From Br. Joseph — Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. (Matthew 5:7) The word mercy is one of those loaded words with many meanings and connotations. Unfortunately, the modern use of this word tends to focus only on its association with pity or clemency. By checking the dictionary, we find far deeper […]

I Am Their Father

From Br. Joseph (Sept. 18, 2007) — Sunday’s Gospel reading was about the Lost Son in Luke 15 (aka Prodigal Son). I want to share a marvelous poem written about a century ago by Charles Péguy that references this parable. The poem is actually a portion of a larger poem called “A Vision of Prayer” […]

The Journey

From Br. Joseph — We are called to help each other to heaven. The last paragraph to C.S. Lewis’ sermon, “The Weight of Glory”, is extraordinary writing. Lewis, contrary to the times, is not afraid to talk about heaven. He reminds us, whether we acknowledge it aloud to ourselves or not, that heaven is our […]

Psalm 139 (Slightly Reworded)

From Br. Joseph — A preeminent theologian of the 20th century was once asked near the end of a long and distinguished career what was the most significant discovery or idea that greatly impacted his life. The great theologian’s response was simple and to the point, “God loves me.” There are many ways to describe […]

Tarnish Remover

From Br. Joseph (Aug. 28, 2007) — A few years ago, a priest gave a wonderful little homily on tarnish. You know about tarnish, that stuff that builds up and covers the shine of metal objects like gold, silver, brass and such. One summer, the sister in charge of the summer work-grant students had noticed […]

Holy Work

From Br. Joseph (Aug. 20, 2007) — Of all the holy works, the education of children is the most holy. — Saint Theophan the Recluse What an honor and privilege it is to be a teacher! (It is an even greater honor to be one who works behind the scenes to support teachers! You are […]


Br. Joseph is a teacher at a Sisters of Mercy school, and his reflections are written with teachers in mind. As with good spirituality, it applies to everyone in some way. His permission has been given to post the reflections here. From Br. Joseph (Aug. 16, 2007) — A summer camp counselor noticed Becca early […]

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